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Your website is the best opportunity to tell your brand’s story. Create a memorable user experience that visitors will want to visit time and again. Let me get to know you, your brand and what it is that speaks to your target audience. What does your website say about your company?


Digital Neauxmad noun


1. A website designer.
Digital Neauxmad creates clean, mobile responsive and SEO-ready websites for law firms, medical spas, nonprofits and everyone in between.’

2. A digital marketing specialist.
From social media and blogging to email marketing and other tools available to small businesses at little to no cost, Digital Neauxmad assists companies in taking control of their digital footprint.’

3. A location independent individual that uses wireless technology to consult, design and operate remotely.
’Though based in Baton Rouge, LA, Digital Neauxmad is always connected and available, and can be on the go at a moments notice. This enables him to offer personable, fast service to his clients from anywhere in the world, at a any given time.’



Contact | 225.266.1631 | 24/7-Email | digitalneauxmad@gmail.com

current Location:

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Digital Neauxmad is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but can travel as needed.
I’m excited to visit you on your turf and learn about what makes your business unique.

I try and take a little something from every place I’ve been. Stories are written all over— through art and design.
— Orion KP | Digital neauxmad