Why the Name?

My work affords me the ability to take my work on the road— enabling me to connect me with clients for anything in the world, anywhere in the world.


Orion KP Portrait

Orion KP, Founder

I knew I wanted to be a business owner long before taking over my older brother’s PC repair business in 2010, but that was my first glimpse into my dream and always served as inspiration to keep successful business ownership in my sights.

Shortly after taking over, I had the opportunity to gain hands-on business management experience when hired to help the online store and shipping operations for a mom and pop speed shop in Baton Rouge— Lightning Motorsports.

After almost 6 years, my fiancee got into her dream graduate program in Atlanta, so we hit the road— I secured a position at national luxury architecture firm Harrison Design coordinating digital marketing and graphic design efforts, including their blog writing, social media content creating and email newsletters.

From managing the firm’s website and establishing the company-wide intranet, to designing ads and collateral for their 7 offices, I was given the opportunity to lead the firm in treading new marketing ground while playing a vital role in expanding their reach to a new, digital audience.

After two rewarding years in Atlanta, we returned home to Baton Rouge where I took my skills and experience and began work as a free lance digital marketer and web designer— laying the ground work for Digital Neauxmad.

In March of 2019, Digital Neauxmad officially opened for business. A company focused on empowering local small businesses and start-ups, Digital Neauxmad provides custom marketing services and custom web design at prices accessible prices. My goal is to assist companies in taking control of their digital footprint.


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